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Black mould on ceiling

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Sorry guys not having a great time recently , need to ask you for your help again !

My tenant is in the property for last 5 years plus , each winter time they come with mould issue , and paint peeling off , at one point we decided to wall the tiles but rent was always late that put me behind in putting tiles. Tenants now complaining about mould on ceilings and on corner , my builder advices him about condensation and opening windows etc, he wouldn't listen , he says I know all about that and we always open the windows and it's a risk of my children's health and it's a damp, I explained him that damp can't start at the ceiling unless there is a ongoing water leakage there , but he is insisting on damp proof specialist report !

There was an extractor fan ( humidity one ) which he reported that it doesn't work so my builder went last week with new one but unfortunately it's wrong one so builder said he will pass the message to electrician.
Spoken to builder again , he said tenants don't open the window - that's fact !! That cause the mould problems.

Oh by the way , tenant has stick wall papers on bathroom walls , they saying it's specially bathroom wall papers , high qualities.
Where do I stand now ?


05/02/2017 12:50

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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