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dispute of the deposit

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Hi all,

Have any of you experienced to go through deposit disputes, as I have had my tenant left today and done my inventory and i found the house was filthy , cobwebs , dusty and greesy kitchen, hole in the walls (all 4 bed rooms), 1 set of key missing,garden untidy , latch for the toilet lock missing. This morning she wanted whole of the deposit back , she sent me message that she took the pictures of it to cover her back. so in short it will go in dispute. She also stated that no body can stop me getting my deposit back unless you forge my signature. I told her i m not a fraud and dont ever think of forging signature. it will all depends on the detailed inventory.

I now want to send her email with the amount i am claiming for, and then once she dont agree i will need to go to deposit guard and end the tenancy with dispute and then i will need to send the pictures and proofs. Are they biased to the tenants? any one had experience on this. i can make the property right and re-let it , in mean time , right ?

Thank you very much in advance !


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06/02/2017 16:09

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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