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I had a call from the tenant to say the shower had broken down and the switch was very hot to touch. Quite worried I phoned an electrician straight away, I really do not want to be responsible for electrocuting my tenants.

After a thorough check the electrician got back to me to say everything was fine, no problems with the shower other than the tenant had it running for 30 minutes, which caused it to overheat and blew the trip switch. The tenant never told me the about the trip switch, which had added to my worry.

Question is, who pays the bill?

The tenants had only been in the house for 2 days when this happened, I don't really want to upset them but neither do I want bills for problems caused by them.

What would others do, pay up and put it down to experience or ask them to pay?

06/02/2017 17:24

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