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We have had a very tough time trying to accommodate our tenant and upon advice from many different agencies and individuals we were encouraged to serve a Section 21 Notice to the tenant.

It was not an easy task as there were errors made by us due to inexperience as landlords, however we followed the guidance of others more knowledgeable than ourselves and members of this association after employing the services of an eviction specialist we were able to ensure the section 21 notice was issued.

Things we had to correct were

  • Deposit was not protected so therefore had to be returned
  • EPC certificate was not issued as we never had one, so we got an inspection done and issued one to the tenant.

Before the tenant moved in we did the following

  • put smoke alarms on every floor
  • extinguishers on every floor
  • co2 alarm in living room

Whenever we have visited the property for any maintenance we have always ensured these alarms are in working order and the batteries checked.

I recently purchased fixed cell lithium smoke alarms to eventually replace all the detectors as upon on report of the tenant's teenage son punching and damaging the fascia to the smoke alarm upstairs I was concerned that he may have damaged the unit somehow.

My father in law replaced the smoke alarm affected with said new unit.


Since the tenant has been served with the Section 21 notice we have now received an email from Housing Standards.

an extract...

"I have arranged to carry out an inspection of the above property at 2:00 on Thursday 9 February 2017. The inspection is to make sure that your property is safe for the tenants to live in. The tenant must have, for example, adequate smoke detection systems and must not be overcrowded."

My question is this... is this normal, and what effect will it have on the Section 21 notice if the tenant has either damaged or in fact removed the units for the inspection?

My father in law was at the property 2 weeks ago and the units were in place, however I would not put it past the tenant to removed them if she thinks it would benefit her somewhat.

The Housing Standards guy has said if I have any questions then get in touch, should I voice my concerns?

Should I inform him of the location of the alarms or where they were?

Once again it looks as though the tenant is due to cause us yet more delay's and headaches...

She's not content with absolutely trashing our house, and terrorising the neighbours with rodents due to not dealing with their waste and leaving it strewn across the property, now it is looking like she knows the system better than I ever could...

Any clues if this could be a problem or just me worrying about nothing? We have proof of purchase for the devices and I think my Father - in - law took pictures of the unit he replaced...

07/02/2017 10:20

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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