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Deposit dispute

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I know I created new thread for a same topic.
Same Tenant verbally and by text agreed for the cost of replacement of brocken latch and overfilled two holes ,(the charges were £17 for new latch and two overfilled big holes - rub down and make it better and paint £25)
pretty reasonable but she was on and on about her Ariel left on a property which she can't take it down and costhe her £160 , and apparently because of mould in the cupboard she lost lots of furniture, like car seat , high chair and toys etc , so she wants payment, she was very aggressive during meeting even after my 2nd warning , so I left the meeting and after two days I sent her a text that for two jobs as above cost 25+17+ unpaid rent is 220 , so from your deposit , x amount is due , if u agree send me clear message that u agree and I transfer the rest of money into ur acc ,
I am pretty sure that she can't ask for furniture money like this , can she ? One because mould was not reported and second no pics of mouldy furniture been sent ,
Anybody had this kind of Tenant?

I think deposit is for house for landlord to claim damage back legibly not other way around, right ? If she wants furniture money she had to go to court right ?


09/02/2017 18:33

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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