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I have a male tenant on a six month contract which started in Dec 2016. It is a nice terraced house, with new kitchen and redecorated throughout. He has a daughter who lives some of the time in the property, although I think she also lives with her Mum. Shortly after moving in he brought his dog to the property without permission, so he is in breach of contract. I only found this out by inspection and challenging him on the dog hairs in the property, and he has effectively admitted to being dishonest at the start of the tenancy. I asked him in writing to remove the dog from the property. He replied verbally that he would prefer to move out and break the contract early. However, since then he has written saying he will move out in "3 or 4 months time", ie he seems to be making no effort to move out before the end of the contract. I want him out as he is dishonest and I am worried about damage, but given the short time scale and his domestic situation, realistically what are my options?

11/02/2017 14:21

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