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He had told us before the noise issue that he would be signing a 6 month AST starting Mid March.
He told us this in an email,we were to sort out a date to sign new agreement

In meantime he has experienced noise issues from next door ,he is about to do letters of complaint and said dont know if I want to stay now.
Problem is we would have put out an Ad beginning of Feb if we knew he was definitely leaving Mid March but he has not decided

I would like to write to him with options
Option one,go on a SPT from mid March with one month notice from payday from him.He can do a 6 month AST at any point after.
Option two,carry on with 6 month AST from Mid March as planned but I think he is hesitant in case noise persists.
Option Three Extend the fixed term by 2 weeks to end March to allow us time to market.This means him leaving 2 weeks after end of fixed term so also in mid cycle SPT,don't know how that would work.

I want to sort it out soon
Any comments,suggestions from anyone.
He is a good tenant,keeps clean,pays,likes accomm but not the new noise problem

12/02/2017 21:15

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