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Hi I have 4 bed house to let , advertising through open rent and Facebook , from 40 enquiries, 15 was useless, and good 1 of working tenant query and rest of all housing benefit enquiries. I have got some dss tenants ( I know it's an old word ) but always have preferred working one if I get one , this time location and property both good , but not getting interested from working people.
I picked two of the dss tenants , both credit and bank statements good , one is single woman with 4 kids and other one is a couple with 5 kids , both mums are a career to their one of the child. Single woman can provide two guarantors and a couple can't provide any. Sometimes it's better to deal with a couple than single women ( my experience!) so can't make my mind. What do you say ?
Working couple with 3 kids haven't seen the property so can't say they want it. But would choose them if I can !

Any thoughts ! Perhaps I need to advertise somewhere else ?

13/02/2017 20:32

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