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Same 4 bedroom house I am talking about , old tenant got section 21 due to condensation and eventually moved into council housing ( that exactly what she was wanting!) I used to find tenants through Facebook and through my current tenants. This time I advertised on openrent and Facebook and within hours that tenant's friends ( 4 or 5 - including 2 ex boyfriends or father of the children in the property) were defaming me and my property on Facebook , I didn't comment or clarify, I didn't want to put myself in that level. It's been going on since last 36 hours , the group of 4-5 got slightly bigger into 6-7 where some of them saying they had a worst landlady etc .. they are also posting my property pics with mould. It's not bad , but it's a mould pics , also claiming it's a damp and children got seriously ill due to this property etc...
good thing is while this drama was on , my former tenants phoned me or what's app me saying we just want you to be aware of this slander. We won't believe a word. Etc and the had two viewings done through the same Fb chat ( working couple - applied already ) and Lha tenants definitely wants it. So practically it didn't harm me but this is something I have never delt with. Someone still asking to view so I politely said got the application already , and that group started again , how irresponsible this landlady is , how an earth she can rent this kind of property and get away with it etc ...
Any experience any body ?
My hubby is always against the Fb but I have rent successfully many properties through Fb so why not Fb ?

15/02/2017 23:28

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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