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Unfair council ?

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Hi, I have a very large pair of houses that was severely damage by the council contractors that have been up for sale. Because of the extensive damage the commercial estate agents have been unable to sell(eg No mortgage). Our solicitor has wrote to them over the months holding them responcible for the damage that they ignored, finally getting tough with them. As this is a plum development site (that the council have been after on the cheap) due to the recession the houses are now more saleable than the site. The council agaist our wishes have been through the property to inspect it twice in the last few months with no comment ( the property is empty, alarmed and gardens are fenced and gates locked, EG no public access) threating court action if they did not get in. The houses were in good condition having had large amounts spent on them till they wrecked them. The council in responce to our last solicitors letter yet again demanded access under the HHSRS hazards (to pick as many faults exercise)saying they wanted demolition, obversely to make our claim for damages nul and void, only this time we went to the magisrates and stated our case. Their excuse was they had not written down structural damage etc (that they had caused). The magistrates reluctantly granted warrant saying it had only to be used as a last resort and the council had to consider the damage they had done. This is like you trying to sell your car to me and I go and wreck it and say now it is wrecked and not roadworthy it is now worth nothing? All this has cost me a lot of time, worry and money solicitor surveyors etc, plus cost for emmergancy temporary wrecked roof repairs etc, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
18/01/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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