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My tenant have moved out of the house middle of a 12m tenancy agreement after notifying me 3m ago .
Of course I did inform them ,until a new tenant haven't been found,they have to carry on paying the rent untill middle of Aug 2017.
They have stopped their standing order since 14th of Feb 2017 and moved out.inhave been trying through an agency to find a tenant and having the house on right move etc,but unsuccessful.
They have blamed me that I had sufficient time to find one past 3m.
Can I enter the house as we are still in the tenancy or I have to inform them via email as I haven't got any address from them to get their approval??
I believe I shouldn't agree with any check out?
What other duties I have to follow like paying council tax etc
Many thanks
Thank you for your great service

17/02/2017 18:31

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