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Nic and Nina
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Hi there,

I'm trying to understand the Section 21 process and have some questions as follows.

1) Is a Section 21 notice required to gain possession at the end of tenancy? If I've had no problems with the tenants but just want to gain possession when the AST reaches the end of its term then is it sufficient to advise the tenants of my intention and then let the tenancy expire?

2) And if I want to terminate an AST after 6 months using a break clause then does the notice need to be as a Section 21 in this case? Seems that if I can only serve a S21 after 4 months and 2 months' notice is required then there would be only one day on which the S21 could be served and if that day is missed for some reason then the notice wouldn't be valid.

Thanks for your help.

20/02/2017 12:00

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