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Hi everyone

My tenants can no longer afford to pay the rent (even with housing benefit). They are currently in arrears (but are paying small amounts here and there which is not enough to cover my expenses). I need to get them out as I can't see the situation improving. Their AST (from 2014) is now statutory periodic and I served an S21 dated the day after they moved in and which the tenants signed the 2 copies.

My questions are, can I just write to them giving them 1 months notice from todays date or does the notice have to be longer? and do I have to give a reason?

If they leave after the 1 months notice I would happily forego the rent arrears but I have a feeling they won't move out so can anyone tell me how long the eviction process is likely to take and what I should do next?

Thank you

22/02/2017 08:45

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