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My husband and I own a flat that has been rented out to my father in law. He paid the council tax up until his death in December. We notified the council of his death and they finalised his account up to the date of his death. They are then charging us for Council tax from that date but it will take us some time to dispose of his assets, and prepare the flat for sale or rental. They say that the flat may be entitled to 30 days exemption if the flat is unfurnished and unoccupied but it isn't unfurnished until we can dispose of his possessions.
It seems to be very unfair that we are given no time at all to clear the flat. I have applied for an exemption class F but am told that because my father in law did not own the flat It doesn't apply.

What would happen if the tenant was not a family member? Would we have to wait until relatives cleared the flat. Would rent still be payable until the end of a notice period?

The system seems to lack any compassion!

23/02/2017 19:40

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