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Can anyone help?

I have a possession order and rent arrears and costs awarded to me of £4500. The tenant should have left yesterday. Today as I was putting in the bailif form he has appealed against the order and the new hearing is on March 20!!
I don't know what the appeal is as they won't email it to me and have to wait for it to come in the post. Crazy thing is I still haven't received the possession order from the 13 Feb in the post!!

Has anyone else been through this before and can you shed light on what he may have appealed against?

Would not be serious enough to have another hearing or is that normal?

The guy is 21 and a student, Nigerian. He sent his mum to the hearing and didn't turn up himself.

I have three HMOs. I am selling up after this. Just not worth the risk and hassle and the financial gain is minimal.
The law is completely against nice landlords like me (us!). completely disillusioned by the whole thing.

28/02/2017 11:55

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