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I currently rent 4 properties in SW London and after several years of zero hassles or late payments, I let my guard down and agreed to let a flat to a guy who's wife has just had a baby. My wife and I have also just had a baby, I felt a bit sorry for them and let them take the flat, despite a few concerns.

Regardless of that, since moving in at the start of Feb, he's complained endlessly about various issues, some are justified, such as some mould on the bathroom sealant and a rad thermostat not working.. but others are ridiculous.. he's been pushing for me to install a new kitchen, then a new bathroom, then he wanted fitted wardrobes. I keep saying that it's not worth it so he asked if I could just swap the loo and sink around as he doesn't like looking at the loo when he walks into the bathroom.. then just a new shower base.. then a new shower. Last week he asked that I install electrical sockets on the other side of the kitchen so he can use his toaster in a different area. He's requested I replace a cracked kitchen tile (which means ripping up the floor) and looked incredulous when I said that I wouldn't. He's just complained that the wind i whistling through a pane of glass - I went to see it, it's perfectly sealed and the windows have all just been reconditioned.. you can see how painful this is getting. He said the whistling noise was annoying him.

He's recently asked that I allow him to pay the 2nd month's rent 7 days late due to changes in his monthly pay check dates.. he also told me he was self employed... that said, a lot of his stories don't add up. His wife is really nice and I don't think she knows what's going on. Both are named on the tenancy.

The list goes on and it's causing some stress... in essence I just want him out. He's also now got his wife's parents living there which is against the lease. I could take out a S8 on him, but it feels way too aggressive.. The rent is now late by a couple of days, I'm just wondering what to do. He has never once responded to my emails, he sometimes texts back but generally doesn't get back to me. When he does, he says the baby is ill, no sleep, etc etc.

Maybe it'll all be fine, he'll calm down and pay the rent on the 7th..

fyi the rental is zone2 London, I've always had young professional tenants that have been fine and easy.

02/03/2017 00:32

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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