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In my opinion: Housing act 1985 section 11 places responsibility on the landlord to "keep in repair the structure and exterior of the dwelling-house (including drains, gutters and external pipes)".

As a landlord, I take it as my responsibility to keep the guttering in good working order primarily to prevent damage to my property. This includes occasional clearing of debris that has built up over time preventing the guttering to function properly (roof silt, leaves moss and anything that has grown from germinated seeds.

The main consequence of this type of debris build-up is that water runs down the building structure potentially damaging brickwork (freeze-thaw damage etc) and potential water ingress.

Am I correct that this type of maintenance work (both preventative and remedial) is the responsibility of the landlord.......or is it in fact, the responsibility of the tenant?

13/03/2017 18:33

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