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I have found a new tenant for a property (via openrent - interesting process - I'll report on that another time) - anyway, suddenly checks thrown up they signed an extension to 2018 with existing landlord (2 bed mouldy flat). Agency not helping (as you would expect, why would they), landlord avoiding them .. they say to me that the agency said they would convert to one month get out, agency denying it now, but they would, their fault for not reading docs and just signing - I told them this.

Anyway, I think the only way that can get out is if they force the asthma issue of child and mould in the flat and get the existing landlord to let them free?

agree? thoughts? before I move on to another tenant (as I feel for these guys and their situation and they stack up - they are young and were very naive)

15/03/2017 09:03

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