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Hi, I am sure we have had a similar recent query but cannot recall details, thanks.

I was recently informed the Flat below our rental property has a small water leak on their bathroom ceiling, it is only small barely noticeable but it appears some water ingress is visible, viewed yesterday.

My query is: As we pay Service Charges to the Block Management Co. do they cover this problem with their Buildings Insurance ?

Or am I liable ?

After checking the pipework under the bath, all looks fine & dry, no signs of water.
If there was a leak, I would have had the plumber out to fix today but concerned I cannot find any signs of water leak.

It does look as though the leak maybe coming from above BUT how can I ensure I cover my bases and resolve in correct manner ?
I would hope the Management co. would investigate through their own insurance as it should come under Buildings insurance, I only have Contents & liability cover.

If you could kindly advise, thank you.

15/03/2017 09:58

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