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Ex tenant moved out end of January. However before they moved out we showed them around our property and pointed out the various areas of damage they had caused. Tenant agreed to pay for damaged flooring in kitchen. The damage was significant (tears and holes) and not normal wear and tear. They seemed to think the rest of the damage was in their words "no big deal".

We have raised a claim in DPS and are now about to go down the ADR route.

Ex tenant has gone to the property and asked to ask if there was any post, they then asked our new tenants if they could come in and take some photos (which they did). This was without our Knowledge or permission, putting our new tenants on the spot.

We feel this is completely unacceptable and made our new tenants feel very uncomfortable. New tenants were unaware of the fact we were disputing the deposit repayment with ex tenant due to the level of damage.

Is there anything we could do going forward. Could we use this within the ADR process. There is a lot of damage other than the flooring, which we have stated we will write off if they will merely pay for the flooring which they confirmed they would when we physically showed them the amount of damage.

The joys of being a landlord !

Thank you

16/03/2017 18:49

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