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We've a non furnished flat with 'gifted' white goods present, including the cooker; these are listed on a 'gifted' specific Inventory.

The PAT applicable gifted appliances, (in other words have plugs fitted) have all been PAT tested & certified & the tenant has accepted they can do with these appliances, (including any repairs if required) as they see fit.

As the cooker is 'hard wired' into the fabric of the flats electrical system the tenant has asked in passing, that if the cooker fails & they chose to provide an alternative, (the installation of which will require an electrician) who picks the charge up for that connection activity ?

For this tenancy I'm leaning towards that as it wasn't anticipated, I'll be picking up any cost, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't come up as an issue !

As a Landlord is liable for ensuring the safety of the electrical service would it be reasonable to add something like one of these into a future non furnished tenancy agreement, that either:-

a.) any connecting / disconnection of a cooker to / from the flats electrical supply, is to be arranged through the Landlord, & for which a connection charge will be made.


b.) the tenant is to responsible for their arrangements for any electrical installation of their cooker to the flats electrical supply. The Landlord must be notified which qualified electrician has provided that service.

I've seen elsewhere in the Forum that some councils feel a cooker should be present in unfurnished properties anyway - thoughts on any of this ?

17/03/2017 10:26

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