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I purchased an HMO on 21st September 2016 and provided 6 month ASTs to all existing tenants.

One tenant displays anti-social behaviour (steals food off other tenants, smokes in his room, refuses to wash himself and his clothes or clean his room so I get complaint calls from other tenants) so I require possession.

Our contract has a start date of 21st September but the Rent Due Date is the 1st of the month. The former landlord pro-rated the rent and paid me from 21st-30th September and then tenants paid their new payments from 1st October.

So, which is the correct form for me to use to serve notice and what's the correct effective date to use on the notice?

I want to serve the notice today as I'll be working away from the property for the coming week and don't want to lose a week.

Please help!

19/03/2017 13:55

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