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Q. Is my stairway acceptable - must I fund cost of balustrades/rails on 2nd side where it is 'open' from halfway down on the internal side? Or, if tenant specifically requests it for his grandchildren visiting, can I charge for it? I have specifically not 'filled in' the lower half of the stairway on the internal side into the hallway -since i)it would close the area in too much & ii) I couldn't get furniture up/down without difficulty.
My (2 bed semi) property was built between 1985-87. When I bought it in 6/08,it had no stair rail - the same design as it's adjoining house.
From the front door, stairway is immediately on RHS. First 3 steps form a dog-leg, then 10 straight steps. I have had a fixed stair rail fitted from the door, around the dog-leg, up to top of the stairs on the RHS.
The 'problem' - walking downstairs, I have complete wall on my RHS until the 6th step down - at this point, the wall ends (bottom of it being level with my waist)so that, for the last 4 straight steps of the 10, there is no wall on RHS. Would this be deemed a H&S risk?
I have advertised it specifically for 1 professional or a couple. I personally do not consider it a H&S risk for adults - though it would be dangerous for children. Q) Do I have a liability to fund it for visiting "guests" of a tenant who are children? Q) Can you point me to relevant legislation?
Thanks, in anticipation?

24/01/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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