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Can anyone help with information regarding these please?

I'm a private landlord but don't have a 6 month clause in my contracts but my daughter has.
She and a friend signed for a 12 month with a 6 month break clause in the AST.
They fell out and she gave notice within the proper time scale. However, the agent says they cannot release any deposit until the other tenant also vacates. This seems to make a mockery of having the break clause in the first case.
Clearly, if the other tenant decides not to pay the last 2 months rent, they will use the deposit to pay this and the already vacated tenant will loose her £600 part of the deposit.
The wording in the agreement does not explain anything apart from that there is this break clause.
Everything feels wrong about it as the other tenant should then have had a new AST with just herself as the tenant?

Thanks in anticipation

27/03/2017 16:06

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