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Garden Wall & Fence - Health and Safety Issue

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Hi.When the tenants took on the property, there was only a dwarf wall in situ at the rear of the garden. The tenants paid for and erected a fence on top of the wall and attached it to the wall, despite being asked to erect the fence in front only. During storm Doris a dwarf wall at the rear of the garden was completely blown over along with the fence. The fence has been reported by builders to have directly contributed to the collapse. Behind the wall fence is a drop into a shallow river. Our Landlord has managed to get his insurance company to agree to cover the costs of a rebuild and is planning on having another wall rebuilt(probably about thigh high) so that it is in keeping with neighbouring properties, and a trellis type fence situated on top but supported by its own posts into the ground to prevent falls over the wall and to allow the wind to pass through, thus hopefully preventing another collapse in future. Our tenant is objecting to this as he is claiming that the trellis fencing will be a climbing hazard for his 3 year old son. Can anyone give advice regarding the health and safety implications of this - is it reasonable to expect a tenant to manage his children's behaviour to prevent climbing on and damaging landlords property, would suggesting planting climbing plants up the trellis fence be adequate. any advice would be appreciated.

27/03/2017 17:25

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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