Tenant owes me rent and is now refusing to leave - wants me to evict

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My tenant started to pay the rent in instalments towards the end of last year. When challenged she said that she had run into financial difficulty and she wanted to be evicted so she could get a council flat. She said that she would send me some info on the process but never did. I didn't want to collude in anything dodgy and wanted her to put it in writing so that I had an audit trail.

In mid February I met with her to discuss rent arrears as she hadn't paid the rent in full at this stage. She then asked me to give her notice to leave and she told me that she wanted to leave by the end of March and that she would pay the outstanding rent the following day. I served the notice advising her that I wanted the flat back at the end of March, however I also gave her the option of leaving at the end of April as I'm aware that 2 months notice is usually required. She replied to the email stating that she would leave by the end of March.

She now owes 2 months rent and was supposed to leave today but emailed me saying that she wasn't going to move out and that she was waiting for a possession order.

I have it in writing that she would leave in March but don't know if that makes any difference. What do you suggest I do now. Thanks in advance for any advice / tips.

30/03/2017 22:53

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