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I am having a problem with rats running around outside of my property and have already paid for pest control earlier last year to try to get rid of the but they have come back. There is a stream and waste land at the bottom of the garden but I think the main problem is tenants who won't recycle i.e put food waste into the food bins supplied by the Council and which will be collected weekly. Instead they want to use wheeliebins for everything and these are collected fortnightly however tenants forget to put them out until they are full and usually spilling over onto the ground. This can be left for several weeks. The rats have chewed through the wheelie bins which I am unhappy about having to renew because of tenant's laziness - Do I have to renew? I have contacted the Environmental Officer who can do nothing as the problem is on my land. The Pest Control Officer has also said that as long as tenants continue feeding the vermin I won't be able to get rid of them. Can you advise what action I should take?

02/04/2017 15:22

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