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Hi Everyone,

I am new to being a landlord &i have had a nightmare over the last 12 months.I need advise on a few things, any advise will be great.

Firstly can you have a AST with a Limited company, if yes then all well &good if not is the company still abliged to comply with the conditions on the AST that they have signed.

On the start of the AST i drew up an inventory which was signed by one of the directors accepting the property in imaculate condition. I carried out a mid-term inspection &sent a copy to them stating on a seperate letter whatever was damaged needed to be rectified by the end of the term &any other damages that may occur between now &then as i would not be renewing the AST.

The AST was coming to an end so two weeks before i wrote to them asking them to make sure the property was vacant of any tenants placed there &also to make sure all damages, missing items, cleaning etc was done prior to the check out/handover.

The day of the check out, when i got there (2 hours before meeting someone representing the company so i had my check out report completed) i was disgusted at the state of the place it was a mess. There were lots of things missing, damaged ect. I got the guy to sign the check out/handover report. I sent a copy of the report with a covering letter stating all that needed sorting,it has been a week &they have not replied. I wrote to them again today giving them untill the 16th April to respond otherwise i would take matters into my own hands to get things sorted then send copies of recipts to them for reibersment. In the mean time im am also loosing out as i have two prospective tenants waiting to move in. I dont have a deposit in had to cover the damages as they did not pay my last months rent even if i did that would not cover what needs to be done.

I took photos at all times before check in, mid-term &also the check out/handover. Can someone please please give me some advise on what i should do next.

Many Thanks

New Landlord

10/04/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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