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I have a troublesome tenant but the rental is through an agent who is useless. I asked the agent to give notice and section 21 was served in March. He had written to the agent saying his son had given that address for university placements etc and could they stay until September to which I said OK because I did not want to jeorpardise anyone's university chances. Last week I went to see the propety with the agent and it was in an apalling state.They dont open the windows and wall paper was peeling off due to damp and the whole place is filthy. the tenants son was there and he said they were leaving in May and I said I thought they wanted to stay till Sept to which hereplied that the agent had said I refused them an extension. when I asked the agent they said the tenant had asked if he can leave in May and the agent had said yes. I am very glad if they are moving in May but I thought the agent would have had to ask me to make a change. Anyway I asked the agent to serve S21 again but they said there is no need as one was served and they should move out on the 8th of May. I told the agent to write to the tenant saying I will not let them stay until September. it all looks a real jumble and I dont know whether I am coming or going. Can any one say if I am OK if I dont do anything and wait until the 8th to see if they will move?. the agent might not use the deposit to make the apartment back to what it was if they think I will not give it to them again. How should I play it?. to add to the problem I am going away until end of May but have asked my cousin to act on my behalf. Any ideas where I am? because I dont know any more. Rainbow

09/04/2017 21:15

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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