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Dear Helpdesk,

I am in receipt of a letter from a housing association regarding anti social behavior coming from a property/tenant of mine.

Whilst this news is obviously disturbing and I would like to fully co-oporate and resolve the matter i was not very happy with the tone of the letter which was rather aggressive and seemingly putting the blame an onerous on the landlord. I would like to know what a landlords legal position and responsibility is in these scenarios.

The letter asks 'How I am going to resolve the matter'seemingly putting all the blame on me and expecting me (with limited landlord powers) to resolve the matter.

The last paragraph of the letter reads 'I hope the contents of this letter clearly express the legal position of XXX Homes' even though they have not once mentioned what their legal position is.. which I find very odd and unprofessional but not really surprising.

The tenant was fully referenced before she moved in by a professional referencing company, she came with a glowing landlords reference who i personally spoke to and on every inspection the property has been well kept.She has been there just over a year on an six month ast.

Thanks again.

Kind regards


10/04/2017 08:33

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