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Im going to be increasing a number of my tenants rents. One reasons is because they are all about due with not having had an increase in a number of years, and because of section 24.

All tenants that will be getting an increase are all on standard 6 month ASTs that have ran past their 6 months (few years in some cases) and so are now periodic (i think ive got that right)

Few questions:

  1. What is the procedure for increasing rents?

Do I just write the tenant a basic letter to say the rent is going up as of next months rent, or do I have to provide some other legal documents? Ive read a little about section 13 but im not sure if it applies here?
  1. Whats the advice on giving them a new tenancy agreement?

Do i need to issue a new 6 months AST?
Can i keep them on a monthly rolling contract?
My own view was always that I liked the idea of them being on a monthly rolling contract due to the fact that if there was a problem its easier to evict them. However an agent ive dealt with recently says that most landlords want tenants on fixed ASTs due to the fact that they get more certainty with the rent and its not really any more difficult to evict a tenant.
I thought that if you wanted to evict a tenant that has say for example 5 months left on their agreement that generally you would have to wait until the end of the 6 months?
The only reason id want to evict any of my longstanding tenants is due to not paying rent.
  1. I would like to include an explanation of why the rent is increasing, although i know i dont have to. I would like to explain the issue of section 24, and maybe direct the tenants to a website where they can joint the campaign against section 24 or something similar. I know lots of people will have done this and so I was wondering if there is a generic letter anywhere that i can personalise for download?

Thanks for any help

10/04/2017 14:43

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