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Tenant seeking compensation (rats in loft)

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I have been renting a one bed house for approx 8 years. I have never been told of any rat problem or indeed been aware of any in the area. House was empty for 2 weeks mid Jan 2017 and new tenant moved in with small dog on 27th Jan within a week or so they informed me that he heard rats in loft. Immediately I employed services of registered Pest control company (£80) who arrived within 3 days when tenant allowed access and left bait in loft and outside side of house where a rat hole was found. A 2nd visit was made by same company who laid even more bait. By this time tenant was pestering me to get Rentokil in - so I did get them in for a survey and they quoted £2,880. I got a 2nd Pest Co in the following day and they quoted £2,400 which I agreed to and the work started the following Monday to clear loft of insulation and lay bait, toorrow they are going to spray the loft and proof the loft on next occasion. On all accounts I was present or made myself available to meet contractors at property as I do the management myself, however, the tenant stated he wanted to be present. The tenant even called the GAS emergancy services out this weekend as he is saying there is a bad smell coming through the balanced flue as fire - gas/co2 not present but tenant still requested they put a sticker on the GAS fire not to be used until I had it serviced. (the gas fire had a gas safety cert dated approx 25th Jan 2017. As a landlord I take repairs seriously so paid out for gas fire to be rechecked by a gas safe company today My tenant is threatening to claim for compensation for loss of earnings (he's self employed - and whilst work going on he has still been able to work around this. Can he claim copensation when I have acted almost instantly and made myself available to meet contractors? If so - what can he claim? Should I make him an offer? Please - any advice would be most helpful.

10/04/2017 18:25

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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