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im using your Section 13 Rent Increase From England

What date do i put in here?

No 3 states:
The first rent increase date after 11th February 2003 is:
(see note 11 over the page).

(the rent as never been increased and all ASTs are over 2 years old)

Guidance note 11:
Unless the tenancy is a new one, or one of the exceptions mentioned in note 17 applies, you must insert
in paragraph 3 of the notice the first date after 11th February 2003, on which rent is proposed to be, or was,
increased under this statutory notice procedure. That date determines the date that you can specify in
paragraph 4 of the notice. See also note 16.

No4 states:
The starting date for the new rent will be:
(see notes 14 to 18 over the page).

I assume this to be the date i want to increase the rent which will be a months notice.

11/04/2017 11:14

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