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End of tenancy issues (No 2)

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As the original topic had not been posted on for 90 days it has been locked so I am posting the outcome here. Thank you for all your replies and advice, a few potential issues and pitfalls or the route we chose highlighted.
In the end all ended well. With our help in clearing the house the tenant moved out only a few days after the agreed date and we got the new tenants in after a bit of a rush redecorating.
The tenants problems were down to her incompetence rather than maliciousness on her part, we contacted her daughter who helped sort things out.
By DSS tenant I mean one whose primary source of rent is housing benefit. What had happened is that she had met this boyfriend (1 bed flat on benefit) on facebook. Initially they had been able to use buses to visit each other and to get her to part time work. With the withdrawal of bus services this was no longer possible. She lost her job / earnings and they ended up spending more than they could afford on taxis. She then got into debt. She owes a years water rates, over £500 electric and her mobile phone was cut off. Other Debts to Brighthouse etc.
A few minor repairs (shower hose, stove glass, broken socket, kitchen extractor ducting) a clean and a few walls emulsion painted was all that was required. We agreed a retention of £200 of the deposit for this and parted on good terms.

13/04/2017 23:27

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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