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In past years SOME LL's have described the recruitment of their tenants, their colleagues & family to their fledgling new business enterprise they'd engaged in...wondered how that had panned out for them & if they experienced pitfalls, or regretted the venture in any way.

My reason for asking is my search for cheaper energy bills for my HMO's where I do an all bills inclusive package. Past 3 years has seen a rent increase to cover the cost of Energy Usage & the usual moans from those responsible tnts in the HMO's ....that don't wash ONE T Shirt, then DRY that one T.sHIRT in the dryer & the tnts that .....don't wash ONE plate in the dish-washer.

I'm never going to affect the ingrained behaviour of these wastrels so looking into the above...Utilies Warehouse set up to be able to buy Energy at a much cheaper rate.
Yes, I can always swap back if the savings don't materialise.
Energy companies always offer a loss-leader price then thye price slowly creeps up. If the marketing blurb of the above can be believed there are substantial savings to be made year on year.

Just asking if colleagues have signed up with Utilities Warehouse Discount Club...have found the expected savings do materialise...or are actual Agents for the above & found that's a successful way of guiding others to a better savings deal.
I'm not looking at buying multiple services just the Energy package of Gas & Electric.

Any LL that IS an Agent for the above & got advice/warnings about this set-up?
The comp seems as eager to recruit Agents as it is to recruit ordinary punters. Many thanks for your time ...

16/04/2017 14:27

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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