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I have found out that several of my tenants are signed up to Arbnb , advertising a bedroom in the property . My main grouse about this: I viewed the customer feedback "tripadvisor" style on one property, they'd had about 15 different "patrons/customers" in a couple of months. This will have (hopefully !!!!) involved 15 extra sets of bedding and towels to be washed. I'd noticed an unusually high level of condensation over the winter (on outside windows). As we all know, when seeing rented accommodation on the TV (don't watch "can't pay won't pay" if you are a worrier by the way, although it's great), condensation that can occur in homes of all descriptions, can be dealt with as you go along (usually owner/occupier wiping down interiors and windows - perhaps using products to clear away any moisture or worse still, mouldy deposits), or ignored, (as with most tenants who then start claiming the property is "damp" - after all, there are dark patches and mould that has been allowed to develop over 3 years and not cleared away ). Other grouse is: if the customer is malicious, and causes damages to the property, you are left trying to get the tenant to pay for the repairs, the tenant who was desperate enough for money to camp in their children's bedroom whilst letting their own room to strangers. There is another side to it, some customers have paid the airbnb site, been "cancelled " by the "host", not managed to get their money back , so have a grudge against whoever lives in, or owns that address

17/04/2017 16:17

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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