S21 served, tenant not left and arrears building up

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S21 expired today and tenants have not left. (They are clearly acting on advice that the council will not rehouse until they are evicted by the bailiffs). Tomorrow I will apply to court for possession . For the past 4 months they have only paid half the rent - this is paid out of their universal credit which the wife claims for. The husband is still employed but is not paying towards any of the arrears. The wife has mental health issues (resulting from the husband's behaviour) and has subsequently lost her job.

My questions are:
are they likely to be awarded an extension due to hardship?
Should I also issue S8?
Should I be notifying the council/housing dept?
Anything else I can do?

(The deposit is correctly protected and the AST is periodic).

This is my first experience of eviction so any advice would be appreciated thank you!

18/04/2017 23:45

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