Tenants moved out of property after 6 wks. Rent / repairs / court action

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Tenants signed a 6 month assured short hold tenancy. They decided 6 weeks into the tenancy that they wanted to leave the property and offered to pay to the end of that month (2 months rent paid in total). We said if we could find a tenant within that time then we would release them from that tenancy.

We haven't found a tenant to replace them. They have been to CAB and claim they have a solicitor as the property had a damp issue.

We had damp treated in the property prior to them moving in and have a guarantee which means that the damp will be treated under this guarantee. We have no intention of not fixing the damp issue.

Tenants are saying that one of them is having breathing problems which a GP and Midwife is saying may be due to the damp.

The damp is not bad, just reappearing.

I have wrote to them explaining that we require them to pay the full rent the full tenancy agreement unless we did find someone else and that the repair issue will be dealt with.

They have replied 'see you in court' and they have no intention of paying anything further.

I am now a bit stuck with what to reply and what my next actions should be. I cannot serve a section 21 almost 3 months into a tenancy, also they have moved out anyway. Should I refer this to a debt collector?

I should point out they initially said that they were moving out due to one of them being pregnant and ill and wanting to move home with their parents. They did not say it was to do with any repair issues etc.

21/04/2017 19:25

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