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Accusation of harrassment

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Hi My problems with my tenant seem to go on ... and I am very grateful for your help
Tenant has now accused me of invasion of privacy and harassment
Both non-sense, as she is not even at the property, but denied access.
T is using attacks to rebut any obligations under AST,
eg when I report damage on 3 month check when I finally got access (says its not her as she hasnt been there)
Agreed to have her reps check the property but didn't (insurance required 14 day visits)
Tenant has given notice now.
Had been refusing access - which I countered, in the end successfully using advice from here - ie wrote in the end advising that I would not go without consent, but if she continued to refuse access she was in breach of terms of contract and I could take action in court.
Tenant is not at the property but posted abroad (US AirForce)
I asked her - politely - on 2/3 occasions (before I had her notice) when she was returning to UK as she had been away for nearly 6 months, and I needed to know for insurance purposes. Non comital replies, even now (her POA is organising moving her stuff out). Have also asked for a forwarding address - both of these information are required by terms of AST, which I reminded her of.
I spoke to her housing officer at last .. not concerned
I have now stopped answering her emails, as she has a gun trained on me - I guess purely to get out of any deposit deductions, but will need to correspond about the DPS deposit, though she will obviously contest. (AST says I can send any notices to the address - but then I know she would not get the correspondence)
I am wondering whether to write to the housing officer saying that I take the T's accusation seriously, and as defamation of character, unless T is prepared to bring court action,
or just leave it ..
AST says will be notified of deductions from deposit and she must reply but agree to
ADR but then she doesn't put any truck by those terms and it seems there is nothing LL can do ... except be glad their going if you happen to have an tenant with a mean streak (or loaded gun)!?

27/04/2017 22:57

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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