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While watching this last night, a poor guy renovating his flat, with a date for new tenant to move in, had squatters move in with dubious AST.

This is common practice these days as police will not remove them as they have, a fraudulent one but all the same a AST.

Anyway, it dawned on me that a way of ensuring you can go straight to court and have them evicted day one, would be to have ASTs formerly in the govt system.

For example, if we all paid say £5 to enter our ASTs into a Govt backed (part of the DPS???) system, where you are issued a code for that AST at that address, then if people squat with a fake AST, all that needs to happen is the court check the register and if the fraud AST is not registered then you are gone that day.....

Or a play on this ..

I'm just winging a way of officially making a property, be it an HMO room, a Flat, a house, whatever .. an AST is given it's own code, issued to registered landlords. That would nail all squatters with some made up AST.

Problem solved.


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28/04/2017 14:12

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