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Conflict between Joint owners of freeholds

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Anxious Pensioners
Anxious Pensioners
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We own and let one of five flats in a converted Edwardian house and jointly own the freehold with the other flat owners. There was a company structure so the flat owners could pay for insurance, cleaning etc. One person who owned two flats was a director of the company and acted as secretary/manager. This person is a medical professional and uses his two flats as his consulting rooms. One other flat owner was a director while the remaining two, including ourselves, were shareholders only. The person who acted as secretary failed to submit the appropriate annual return for the year ending April 2016 and Companies House compulsorily dissolved the company. We were not made aware of any of this and only became aware of it after the bank (presumably acting on advice from Companies House) closed the account into which we paid a monthly contribution for common expenses and our monthly payment was returned. We have twice written to the two persons who were directors of the company seeking a joint meeting of all flat owners to resolve matters and to set up an agreed arrangement for the future but our letters are ignored. There would have been some funds in the common account when it was closed but we are not aware of how much. Cleaning of the common areas has been discontinued and we are concerned about continuity of property insurance cover. What action can we take to resolve this situation for the future?

06/05/2017 15:06

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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