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I have been battling with my local council over council tax issue since last November. A tenant told the council that he had vacated the property on 11 Nov 2016 (presumably in an attempt to pay less council tax) when in actual fact he left about the 18 Dec and so the council wants to charge me from 11 Nov.

I told them that I had been working at the property for several weeks in December and that I had seen him there. I also told them that he had paid another month's rent (in advance) on the 18 November, arguing that it was reasonable to assume that if a tenant had vacated the property he would not then make another rent payment a week later (I sent them a copy of my bank statement).

I also showed them my agent's advertising schedule for the property showing that they had started advertising the property in January, arguing that if the tenant had left on 11 Nov I would not wait until January to advertise the property, for the sake of a phone call to my agent.

The council (bless 'em) have now sent me a summons to appear in the magistrates' court for non payment.

Now I don't know if it's a case of council workers not being bright enough to understand what I'm saying, or they're just being obstinate hoping I'll give up and just pay because property owners have plenty of easy money, or they think I'll be intimidated when I see the court summons, or a combination of all of this.

It's not just the money here, it's the principle involved; the fact that the tenant lied about leaving earlier than he did and the council prefers to believe him instead of me, even though I've shown the council the extra rent payment he made, proving that he was still residing there.

Do members think that this would be sufficient evidence for the court to prove he was still living there? Has anybody been in this position before? Also, I'm wondering if I can simply post my evidence to the court for them to decide in my absence, instead of wasting several more hours going to court.

Many thanks for your help, folks.

07/05/2017 23:57

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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