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Hello, a tenant of mine, (German) began their tenancy on 12th July 2014 - so before the right to rent legislation began. The tenancy (AST) reverted to a periodic from 11th July 2015.

They have advised me they wish to renew when the time comes in July. The deposit was protected with the TDS on 18th July 2014 and this has been renewed annually.

He is a professional over here with the European Banking Authority, at Canary Wharf and has been a good tenant. I have not put his rent up and have advised that I do not intend to increase his rent this time when he renews.

Do I now need to conduct a right to rent test on his. He is a European national and technically we are still in Europe?

I understand though it might be better to issue a new AST which is more up to date.
I look forward to receiving your advice on this matter. Regards

2nd issue - if Someone is an Australian citizen with an Australian passport, are they British due to the fact they belong to a Commonwealth country the Government website is not clear on this/

08/05/2017 22:40

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