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There are conditions being imposed to my proposed licence applications, which will apply not only to me but I believe to ALL licencee applicants (it definitely applies to all applicants in the Manchester area). Apparently, Landlords need WRITTEN policies, which must be supplied to and then agreed by the council, copies of which must then be given to the tenants and the policies MUST be adhered to by the landlord.

The 4 specific policies refered to are as follows:-
1. Repairs/complaints proceedure regarding the property's condition i.e. how to report/complain; how it is dealt with and timescales, etc.
2.How the landlord deals with disputes between tanants.
3.Anti social behavior policy. Initial action taken, what if it persists, agencies used to support action, and timescales to sort out, etc.
4. Planned maintenance of the property. Frequency and scope of inspections, how identified work is followed up, etc.

I have been given a fixed timescale in which to supply these 4 written policies to the council for their approval.

My querie to you is, as this affects so many landlords, can the RLA give guidance on how to write the policies or preferably write each policy for all of us to use. In other words, can you set the basics that each landlord should adhere to, which I am sure most would then use as the industry standard.

I realise that all landlords are different, but a basic guideline policy for each would be very useful and then landlords could add to it if they felt they needed a better policy than the basic one.

I look forward to your help in this matter.


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10/05/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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