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Request for tenancy documents

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One of the tenants of a “joint and several” tenancy defaulted on his rental arrears. We therefore started to pursue the remaining tenants. After the end of the tenancy, we served a Notice of Intent and a couple of the tenants their share of the arrears (1/7th), although I understand they are jointly and severally liable. The lead tenant and his guarantor however decided to make a counter claim. They made a claim of Disrepair for the issues they experienced during the tenancy (we believe they were all resolved in a timely manner), including some issues they didn’t report during the tenancy. They have requested the following documents:

  1. the tenancy file
  2. documents relating to notice given, disrepair reports, inspection reports or repair works to the above named property
  3. computerised records

We have all of the information on our system for internal use but it would be a lot of work to compile it in a format to give to them for the full year of the tenancy. Are we required to provide all of these information to the tenants?

15/05/2017 10:51

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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