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Hi all : does anyone have any views on the option of using specific addendums to AST instead of taking a deposit when setting up a tenancy.
I have in mind using RLA standard AST but adding addendum specifics like:
eg 'the tenant(s) agree to have the windows professionally cleaned during the last month of the tenancy, producing a receipt if requested'
(Ive found its well nigh impossible to photograph dirty windows satisfactorily for DPS evidence)
and 'the tenant(s) agree to have the house cleaned to a professional standard and provide evidence if there is a dispute at checkout..
and 'tenants agree to pay for damages identified in independent checkout.
or even
Tenant will be charged £x for a checkout if the landlord and tenant cannot agree on any damages to the property [maybe not legal? ... LL advice team?]

Taking a deposit seems to provide no insurance against bad tenants unless the evidence is water tight, and no help against tenants who are dishonest and fabricate evidence - if the onus is on the landlord for proof and though tenant receives landlord evidence, landlord does not see - and so able to counter - tenant's evidence.

16/05/2017 19:02

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