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Do I have to issue a Section 21 the day BEFORE a due rent date?

My tenant has been renting for 8 and a half years. Has always paid the rent on time, kept the house in good condition and we have been on good terms. I have 3 weeks ago had a chat with her regards the fact that I wish to sell in the near future.

I have always managed the property but used an agent to issue tenancies/increase rent. Last tenancy issued was for 6 months from 1st May 1985. After that the tenancy became periodic as the tenant wasn't sure where her work base might be and didn't want to sign up for more tenancies, although things have remained the same since.

I thought I read somewhere (can't find it again!) that a Section 21 can now be issued AT ANY TIME DURING THE MONTH NOW although it still remains remains neater to issue in line with the rent payment date.

Please can you enlighten me?

Many Thanks

17/05/2017 10:00

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