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I have a HMO property one of the rooms is rented for £350 per month. He asked to pay weekly and I agreed.
He has been constantly late and in arrear but only by a £50- £150 on a weekly basis not a monthly basis. I have repeatedly chased him and he starts to pay down the deficit them lags behind again. That's the history currently, now he is nearly £600 behind I contacted him a few week ago and he said his wages was late and that money would be paid next week, never happened. So I have repeatedly email and text and offer to pop round when I am back in the UK but getting no replies from him.
I spend many a month out the country and have just returned to the UK now.
So not sure what my next move is. Do I go around the house and try and catch him and have it out with him or do I write to him. What do I do, and when is the point that I start getting him evicted from the room. Its all above board and his AST has expired.

18/05/2017 10:27

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