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To add insult to injury as tenant hasn't paid rent for 3 months, they now have 2 homes as have been allocated a council property. They have told the council they have moved so we now have their council tax bill to pay even though they are still living in the property. I contacted Kirklees Council where a very pedantic and impatient person told me the tenant would need to contact them to confirm they were still in situ (some hope). Also the onus was on us to prove tenants were still living there. I suggested I could take photos but she suggested we could alter date so no proof I also suggested a screen shot of a text message from tenant confirming they were still there but she suggested the phone number may not be linked to their tenancy.

Another instance of how landlords are unprotected against lying tenants. Any suggestions re proof would be appreciated.

18/05/2017 10:34

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