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I own and let a mid terrace house between two others which are also let and agent managed. The common rainwater gutter has become blocked with moss which accumulates on the north facing roofs; I understand that this is a common situation. My centre property has the common downpipe and therefore my gutter blocks first. I have asked the adjoining managing agents to share the cost of clearing the blockage but they both refused and directed me to the tenants to pay under the “blocked drains” section of the tenancy agreement. I did so and came away with the expected response which is unprintable.
I consider that to expect tenants to pay for something which is normal building maintenance and of course out of their control is unreasonable. If nothing else, were the gutters proven to be clear when their tenancy started? I very much doubt it.
Any advice or direction much appreciated. Thank You

18/05/2017 17:45

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